Team Fundraising Ideas

Top fundraisers use the following strategies when planning their benefits:

  • Understand who you are trying to reach and identify something that might be of value or interest to them.
  • Publicize the fundraiser heavily.
  • Be enthusiastic — it’s infectious!
  • Plan fundraising activities on a year-round, ongoing basis.

Sample fundraising ideas to get you started

Change Jar Wars

Have several see-through jars in a central location, each representing a different leader or department in your organization. The jar with the most amount of change receives either a prize or a punishment!

Dress Down Day

Speak with your organizational leaders to coordinate a dress down day within the office. For a small fee ($1–$5), the person can dress down to work on a specified date.

Paint and Sip Night

Reach out to your local paint and sip studio — e.g., Pinot’s Palette or Painting with a Twist — to have a night where a percent of proceeds go to your fundraising goal.

Pub Partner + Trivia Night

Reach out to your local bar to partner for a designated night of fundraising for your cause, with a pay-to-play fee going toward a trivia contest.

Exclusive Workout

Reach out to local fitness clubs to host and promote your fundraiser. Ask the club for a discounted class price and then charge an extra fee for entrance to the one-time class to support your cause.

Silent Auction Experiences

Ask people in your organization if they are willing to donate a week at their holiday home or if businesses you frequent are able to donate an item or two.

Balloon Pop/Mystery Box

Fill a room with balloons, hide donated prizes inside a select few, and sell needles to participants for a chance to “pop for prizes.” Or, set up a line of wrapped boxes that event-goers can purchase for the chance to win a prize.

Cake Walk

This is similar to a pub crawl, but you visit local bakeries, cafes and eateries instead. Ask participating businesses to donate a portion of the proceeds to you, or charge a fee for an all-inclusive tour. This can be designed for any type of cuisine, such as vegetarian/vegan spots, pizza shops, bagel cafes, etc.

50/50 Raffle

Host a week-long 50/50 raffle where the winner gets half the pot, and the other half goes to your fundraiser. Have your team share the raffle info online to reach even more people to buy tickets.