Why Participate

Faster diagnosis. Improved treatments. Revolutionary research.

These breakthroughs in care and knowledge about sickle cell disease at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are creating new hope for children who have this painful and life-threatening disease.

Young patient

Exceptional Patient Care and Treatment

Children with sickle cell disease can experience excruciating pain and repeated visits to the Emergency Department. They have a high risk of stroke and an average life expectancy of only 50 years. This event will benefit sickle cell research and patient care at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where a large and comprehensive program offers all the specialty services children with sickle cell disease need. These services include newborn screenings, transfusions, 24-hour access to a hematologist, pulmonary and cerebrovascular care, psychosocial services, and the Hematology Acute Care Unit.

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Breakthrough Research

Currently the only cure for this chronic, inherited disease is a bone marrow transplantation, which is so limited that relatively few procedures are completed. Our researchers are on the cusp of a history-making breakthrough: a curative gene therapy that can bring healthy bone marrow into the blood cells. Your support will bring us one step closer to making this innovative research a reality.